The #1 Unwritten Rule Every Cake Baker Should Know

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Ever baked a cake with the hopes of making something delicious and fluff, only to have those dreams end up slightly disappointing, even though you followed the recipe to a T? That’s probably because you missed a simple yet crucial step  – let your ingredients come to room temperature. Many a time, most people disregard them. Some, do not even realise it’s there!

It’s important to not ignore this step. If you want that perfect cake that is light, airy and fluffy, there’s absolutely no way around it. If you use cold butter or eggs when they should be room temperature – your recipe won’t live up to its potential. And your cake certainly won’t taste the way it should.

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Why Is Room Temperature Important?

Ever wondered why most recipes often call for room temperature ingredients?  There is a legitimate reason for that and a science behind the importance of temperature.

When at room temperature, dairy ingredients like butter and eggs form an emulsion, which traps air. And when it bakes in the oven, that trapped air expands and produces a fluffy baked cake. Moreover, room temperature ingredients bond together very easily since they’re warmer, creating a seamless and evenly textured batter. A smooth batter will produce a uniformly textured baked cake. Cold ingredients, on the other hand, do not.

For example, most recipes start with creaming butter with sugar. Butter at room temperature allows the sugar crystals to dig out little pockets of air within the butter. And if baking powder is added, it helps expand these pockets of air further, resulting in a light and fluffy cake. So, goodbye to heavy and soggy cakes forever!


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