It’s Time To Eat More Chocolates – 5 Health Benefits of Eating Chocolates

Good news all chocolate lovers, chocolate is becoming healthier and healthier! Research is continuous, and experts are discovering more and more health benefits to eating chocolate (in moderation, of course!).   Here’s 5 scientifically establish health benefits of eating good chocolate: Reduces cholesterol Chocolate can also reduce levels of bad cholesterol (LDL) and raise levels […]

The #1 Unwritten Rule Every Cake Baker Should Know

Ever baked a cake with the hopes of making something delicious and fluff, only to have those dreams end up slightly disappointing, even though you followed the recipe to a T? That’s probably because you missed a simple yet crucial step  – let your ingredients come to room temperature. Many a time, most people disregard […]

Thank you for visiting HeimatSterne Pizza Tasting @ Cold Storage in Rail Mall!

On 25th and 26th February 2017, HS team had a pleasure to host many guests at a tasting of new HeimatSterne pizza. Together with the management from Cold Storage in Rail Mall, we introduced our traditional Italian pizza and officially announced that our previous product pizza PAPALINA will be discontinued.