HeimatSterne Pizza – Become an Italian Chef within 15 minutes

From 1st April 2017, you can enjoy HeimatSterne’s new frozen pizza in retail stores across Singapore. The product is a successor to our previous successful product, Papalina Pizza. Improving out-dated recipes and adding high-quality ingredients, Faust Asia Pte Ltd is please to introduce five HeimatSterne Pizza flavours: Margherita, Mozzarella, Quattro Formaggi, Spinaci and Vegetale. All five flavours are now available at Cold Storage and in the weeks to come, at other key retailers.

After three successful years in the market, Faust Asia Pte Ltd has decided to make a strategic move to develop its own pizza. With feedback from our loyal customers on the previous pizza, Papalina, the company has designed an innovative pizza without compromising the traditional Italian culinary technique. Faust Asia Pte Ltd is launching our new pizza line under our parent brand, HeimatSterne, and we are delighted to introduce the entire product line in a new attractive packaging.

Choose from 5 different flavours, each delighting taste buds with carefully selected ingredients such as traditional pesto, blue-veined cheese or freshly harvested tomatoes.